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The Clemens™ products are the choice of Nappy Warehouse, since not only is Clemens™ a leading brand that is locally made, but the company is committed to the preservation of the environment. All Clemens™ products are cloth breathable material, which is less irritating to the patient's skin and also makes the products more biodegradable.

Nappy Warehouse supplies in bulk and individual packaging.

We deliver nationwide (bulk packaging only).

Phone or email us to order.

Our product list demonstrates the absorbency (in millilitres) of each item so that the customer can compare our product to others. A less absorbent product is cheaper than a highly absorbent product but it is not always cost effective to use the cheapest product because you will need to use more nappies. It is important to match the absorbency level with your level of incontinence.

Clemens™ Slips
The Clemens™ Classic Ultra Slips
Clemens™ Slips
Clemens™ Premium Slips
Clemens™ Protection Pads
Clemens™ Unisex Pads

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